Old Hundred
I've long had an interest in square-rigged sailing ships. I built models of them when I was growing up. I visited real ships when I travelled. I became a Member of the Maritime Museum of San Diego when I moved to San Diego and more recently, I've become a member of the Museum's Sail Crew and over the years, I've had the chance to sail on several tall ships.

Star of India

One of the oldest ships still sailing, the Star of India was launched, as "Euterpe" in 1863. She's hauled cargos of wool, cotton, timber, fish and immigrants and has circumnavigated the globe 21 times.
09Nov13-11Nov13 Star Sail 2013 - 150th Anniversary of the launch of Star of India. I served on the mainmast crew.
17Nov18-18Nov18 Star Sail 2018 - 155th Anniversary of the launch of Star of India. Marieke and I served on the foremast of Star of India on the 17th and then sailed on Californian on the 18th.

HMS Surprise

HMS Surprise was originally built as a replica of HMS Rose, a 1757 frigate that played a role in the American Revolution. Later, she was bought by 20th Century-Fox for the movie, Master and Commander. For this role, she was reconstructed to become a replica of the 1796 frigate, HMS Surprise.
12Nov11-13Nov11 Star Sail 2011 - I was assigned to the foremast crew of Surprise
01Dec12-02Dec12 Star Sail 2012 - I was assigned to the foremast crew of Surprise
08Aug13-09Aug13 Surprise acted as Captain Cook's ship for a documentary about navigation and the discovery of New Zealand.


Californian is a topsail schooner and sails regularly. She is available for public day sails most weekends as well as being available for charter. She often makes longer overnight trips in the summer months.
18Aug14-20Aug14 Crew Trip to Santa Catalina. No passengers. Just MMSD sail crew.
11Aug15-15Aug14 Offshore Trip to Channel Islands was a commercial trip to Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara and some of the Channel Islands. The trip started off well with a nice visit to Two Harbors, but on the transit to Santa Barbara, things got rough at the rest of the trip was converted to day sailing out of San Diego.


Elissa is an 1877 barque based in Galveston, Texas. She is part of the Texas Seaport Museum. I've had the great fortune to sail aboard her as part of a crew exchange with Maritime Museum of San Diego.
05Apr14-06Apr14 Elissa - I sailed two days. The first day, I was assigned to the foremast. On the second, I was assigned to the mainmast.
23Apr15-26Apr15 Elissa - I was able to make a return visit to Elissa. This time, I sailed four days under varying conditions.
15Apr16-16Apr16 Elissa - Once more into the breach, dear friends. Two days of sailing in Elissa. The first day was light breezes and we set every sail. The second was near gale conditions and a 6 foot sea. Only the lower topsl's were set. It made for an exciting day.

Lady Washington

Lady Washington is a replica of the first American ship to visit Honolulu, Hong Kong and Japan. Lady Washington was the first tall ship that I ever sailed on (as a passenger) in 2004.
02Jan16-03Jan16 Lady Washington - On the 2nd, I took the opportunity to sail as a member of the crew aboard Lady Washington in a mock gun battle with Hawaiian Chiefttain. The next day, I was on the crew of Californian for another mock gunbattle with Lady Washington.

San Salvador

San Salvador is a replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's 1542 flagship of the same name. It was built in San Diego from 2011 to 2016.
Summer 2016 Over the summer of 2016, I was part of San Salvador's crew for her sail training, sea trials, and Coast Guard Certification.